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I am a home scientist (majored in Textiles and Clothing) and a home-maker with various interests such as painting, embroidery, mixed-media art work, creative cooking, baking, bread making, gardening, interior decoration, entertaining and lately dabbling in the stock market and am passionate about most. But the one that is top most in my list now-a-days is Food and the Stock Market.
I love to create recipes keeping in mind their nutritive quality (having studied that at college) and thought I would put them in a book, but then, with people getting more and more tech savvy and doing most of their reading on the net, I thought the best way  to get all my friends to try making them is by putting them on a blog.

 I have a passion for all things good and love to make them myself, whether it be a lamp, a tray, a serving dish, table, or the table mats to put on it or some exotic dish I may have eaten at some fabulous restaurant, i.e. I am a do-it-yourself variety. In the process I end up making something totally new.
I love to travel and learn about the art and food that the people there have to offer.
To me my prized possessions are my sewing machine (my first one gifted to me by my you know why), my cooking vessels and my power of observation. Never know where and when some gems may come tumbling my way so I keep my ears and eyes wide open and my mind ever receptive.
 I have in the year 2004 won a 2nd prize in a cookery contest organized by ZEE TV in Singapore and judged by  Masterchef Sanjeev Kapoor. I have also featured in a programme named "Great Expectations" aired in 2007 on ChannelNewsAsia.

 A RECIPE A DAY keeps the husband in, doctor out, and the kids  ready to tidy up  their rooms and most of all makes more friends and a chance to spread joy and happiness all around.

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the winners with Sanjeev Kapoor